Greener homes

Greener home makes a difference

Wider door openings gave a closer connection with the garden enlarge the living room space into the garden

Natural wood pavers

Clear window from dining room overlooks a tranquil feature comprises of all natural materials of wood, concrete, glass, stones and plants.

Water cascading over the glass created melody while cross a natural bridge.

Breaking the concrete

Laurelwood Ave

A green subtle entrance door way to the house

Tunneling through the canopy of the tree when one enters, invites one to stretch her hands to feel the closeness of the green ceiling.

A sight of green from the balcony overlooking the entrance to the house

A landscape basement air well, a gallery of green columns (on the right), a gallery of ferns (on the left)

Serenity of the place brings much peace to one's soul

Piercing through the concrete marks a new chapter of life