Private house: Landed house

Let's twist tonight is the way of life.

Trees dances in your garden giving a twist to life.

Give a twist to your garden!

Dancing trees displayed you behind the glass windows.

Now, the dancing trees are displayed from the your end. :)

Greetings from the living wall

Greetings from the living wall welcomes visitors into your home. Combination of colours, texture, varieties of plants forms the mural en framed by slate stones.

Partition feature wall divides the spaces as well as directed the view points of users to a serial view at each corner lures visitors to look around subconsciously

Another fa├žade of the wall rings the melody of water in the garden with playful fishes beneath and frequent birds bathing.

Serial view point directed users to a elegant looking palm, Kerriodoxa elegans with a majestic spread and a elegant thin black stem.

Water space along the sidewalk, brings a new tempo while walking.