INSIDE OUT Patio @ The Tessarina

What a great SCENE and AMBIENCE from INSIDE OUT. Real Substance come from INSIDE OUT. We can't help being seduced by the charm of the landscape, leading our conversation, meals, snacks, beer ,wine, book, magazine....out into the patio for a good time!

This garden is roaring with RAW. Old railway sleepers had been recycled and reconstructed as planter boxes, water space and bench. A storage space in the garden constructed and rendered with cement  coupled with a timber door would keep all your useful but ugly accessories out of sight.

Having a holistic landscape and meeting the needs of home owners is the KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL LANDSCAPE.

Doing things from INSIDE OUT unleashes one's potential to strive for excellence. A compelling reason to do things with excellence would be wanting to make changes to one's living space for the better. And when one sticks out his neck and highly recommend you to another, you'd realised that he had been satisfied from the bottom of his heart, truly coming from the INSIDE OUT. It's another garden well done! You too can live a life from INSIDE OUT!

Garden Rooms @ One North Bridge

With advancement of technology, we tend to use virtual spaces, social networking sites to interact with one another. Gardens Rooms Concept fosters face-to-face interaction and connects us in proximity

This garden is shared by the residences in One North Bridge


The owner believes in bringing people together through face-to-face interactionA beautiful garden space for all would be an ideal gathering space at all times. 


Conversions are kept in small groups setting, Garden Rooms Concept creates intimacy within the intimate space.

In this mix development of commercial and residential space, Garden Rooms serve different functions and activities. They can be use socially and commercially, diurnally and nocturnally.

Lifestyle Patio 1

Sky @ Eleven
Lifestyle patio

Having a big balcony make sense for high rise development. Balcony serves as a big umbrella as a shield against direct sunlight into the interiors. A well landscape patio with a combination of timber decking, plants, furniture, water spaces, dramatic views just sets the ambience for activities. What a lifestyle! 
What's sad to see is some soulless patio with plain decking covering up well intended planting space; such reflects an owner's yearning for more space for themselves. More often, it is the inconvenience of plant maintenance,  feared of mosquitoes breeding that deter us from having a great space to enjoy. Well, we can be right with all the arguments and concerns but, you'd be missing out on the beauty of a holistic landscape.  More than the aesthetics, having plants along side provides a safe buffer for young children and someone who have a fear of heights. Its not about making more space but making space more than just SPACE. 

In the evening, the patio shows off a true sight of romanticism. Your company is a perfect skyline of sunset, magnificent display of the lovely tree sweeping its elegance onto the ceiling, sending an invitation to you.

What a romantic sight! For once we thought, we were in Europe. This landscape had sent us across continents! (What you are looking at are wonderful pictures taken by the  lovely owners) "Thank you for sharing. You are simply awesome!"

Adopt a holistic approach towards the design of your patio and have a holistic lifestyle today!