Balcony in-style 1

Its such a joy to see the fruit of our labour turns out well. I have heard many home owners blamed big balconies are a waste of space. Balconies are such important space to be an extension of the interior space when we are able to bring the outside inside. I hope more people will be inspired by this balcony garden and turn them into nice garden balconies as an extension of your living space.
 I love the form of this tree, it fits the space perfectly. Guess what! it has stolen the hearts of many residences from the opposite blocks as well. Love it!

The show stealer...The Green Jacket Vertical Garden.

The Urban Gardeners - Catch us on Channel U.

Thank you Zhou Yin for your support

Thank you Dk for your support

I love plants hanging over the water space. It somehow create an artistic picture frame.

 Nicely frame with the help of blind and my umbrella tree as back drop. Love the volume of this tree. Nice!

Penthouse-in-style 4

Let your GARDEN illuminate your interior.

Garden illumination sets the mood and ambiance of your interior, it brings your garden in.

HOT SPOT for reading. You will soon find yourself reading more suddenly

Bedroom in the GARDEN

Time for a beauty rest


Stroll in my enchanted modern-Balinese garden

Spa sensation in my garden

Penthouse-in-style 3

A peep through the bedroom into an amazing view of the patio
Come on let's use it
"Ta da!" be entertain and to entertain in this space
Contemporary style vertical garden by Ecosust Vertical Garden
"The garden salad"
 This is the epitome of outdoor living 
 Looking really smart in the patio
 Nice and smart, lounging and dining
 Dining in this garden is an experience here
I want to thank the owners to open up their place for me to take all these beautiful pictures.
Its been a wonderful project  with this wonderful couple, their baby (on the way real soon!) and their dog "Cookie" (Barks when I enter his territory). This place makes such an impression to me. Thank you for choosing Passionscape.
Its celebration time! Cheers!