Penthouse in-style 6

Take a peep at this amazing rooftop garden!
How many of you can connect to having a lack of space inside your house for storage?

Explore more storage space outdoors...
We have a washing machine hidden... 
Welcome into the garden with arching willows....
Melody of water sets the right tone as you enter. into this amazing roof top garden!
Welcome to the new extension of your living room... 
Experience the feel of outdoor living up the roof in a dramatic fashion!
Furniture on the way but not today :p
Now you can see the potential of the roof terrace you have....
Be amazed by this dramatic plant mural.
Barbecue is a regular affair at a whim... 
This really look delicious but guess its too pretty to be eaten.
Be as comfortable as you want in this comfy lounge! Warning! This don't come cheap. :p
Am really pleased with this. Well done :)
Isn't this beautiful.....
A reminder of the olden locking mechanism 
I hope this garden had inspired many of whom who have a big roof terrace and wonder what they can do with it. We can do a lot a lot with it I promise. Make every inch of your roof count!What an amazing garden! Am so proud!
You can have this too! Please call me when you are ready for an amazing garden!
Fasten your seat belt and get ready!

Penthouse in-style 5

Excitedly awaken for your garden?
How would you like a view like this when you woke up?
Amazing's more to start your day...
What a stunting view here! No one knows what's happening here up on the roof.
Let me show you around....
Fresh flower harvested from your garden...Lovely...:)

Scent of Jasmine flower perfume the garden... sweet...:) 
 Melody of water calms your soul....heavenly...:)
An exclusive place for your friends and family...priceless...:)
A comfy bed for 2...cozy...:)
 A hand wash basin...superb!:)
A herb garden hidden from you...surprise! :)
 Do you know that the air-con compressor is hidden inside the garden cabinet?Thrilled! :)
A nice carpet for outdoor...wonderful..:)
Its a garden packed with excitement from the bedroom! :)
Last look before you go...
 Thank you for coming!:)

Garden the common denominator

Have A garden to complete your home. I can't imagine a house with A garden.

Eating chicken rice without chill and garlic? Does this work? :p

A garden. A car porch

 A garden. A living room

A garden. A patio

A garden. A nice picture

A garden. A pond

A garden. A bridge