Expat garden living - Episode 1

"Please give me a nice garden. I want people to come in and wow!" They asked.

It always intrigues me working with expats for their needs for a garden living home. Garden + home seems to have a symbiotic relationship as I understand their way of life. What a wonderful introduction of their home with a nice garden greeting them daily. Wow! Fulfilled and enjoyed myself!

Be seduce by the extension of the living space. Sitting under a tree in an apartment seems far-fetch. But we made it. The joy that it brought to everyone in the house is unbelievable! Its a happy space.

Welcome to Singapore! A city in a garden. A home in a garden. A garden a soul of a home.

Even in a bathroom when you are showering......Dramatic!

Balcony in-style 3

There's so much we can do with a planter in a balcony than to deck over it completely.
It can be used as RESERVOIR to irrigate the plants where water tap is missing at the balcony.

Have you heard the cry of the planter shouting out to you before? Here it goes....
 I'm an ASSET of the balcony NOT A LIABILITY.

Balcony = Extended Living Space
Make the best of it! You don't know how many people is drooling over a space like this!

Rooftop garden : A garden room : An extra room

I say make room for an extra room in the garden up on your roof.

I have found that conversation spaces are hard to be found inside the house.

And this sets the tone to have a good conversation.

This picture does looks like a Chinese contemporary landscape of a pavilion with a reflective puddle that mirrors the garden. Absolutely gorgeous!

Let me introduce you to some functionality up here.

I love storage it keeps the mess organize.
Here comes the big bro..Store room....haha
This garden had got 3 rooms + 1 room

1. Conversation room
2. Grill room
3.Store room
4. Most importantly Make room for the garden

Courtyard in-style 1

Courtyard is such an interesting space within a house. It is the soul to the house. Someone build their house starting with visualizing a courtyard garden and the rest of the spaces evolves around it!

Let me introduce the spirit of this courtyard garden....Build with the spirit to bring back a slice of river that meanders through the forest. This 'River' represented by the black polish pebbles mimics the effect of water bumps that flows through shallow waters of the forest..... 

Celebrate the view of the 'River' through the forest as one enters the house....

The light feathered fern leaves softens and contrasts the nice grey painted walls

The courtyard - A place to read - A place to coffee - A feast to your eyes

A slice of river through the forest - Courtyard in-style 1