Balcony in-style 10

We can use the balcony for several reasons and activities. I had seen it been use as laundry-yard, a dining space, a siting lounge and a gorgeous garden that is therapeutic to your soul. Imagine everyone in an estate had this, I believe your estate would look very different with an exceptional therapy to your eyes.
Welcome to a City in a Garden, a Garden in an Apartment.

Not every apartments have a balcony. What are you going to do with yours? ;)

Penthouse in-style 9

Ingredients of this penthouse roof top garden: 1/5 Skylight pavilion, 2/5 Greening, 2/5 potential for any other things = Awesome garden for all you can think of!

Greens were the essential ingredients to make this space THE SPACE

A roof garden + An alfresco kitchen = Potential for more things to do here!

Nicely frame view to the balcony. Less concrete and More greens
A mural of plants composition @ the balcony

The Broad Daylight Night Garden - A SG50 Invention

There are many ways we can create wonderful spaces in your house. This was a space created not only creatively modernized  the outlook of a decade old 3-Storey house but appreciates the architecture through a garden-jungle concept with an awesome skylight trellis under a tree forming an extended living space.

This is so marvelous and we simply love this.

The split off from the car porch forming an independent trellis yet with a special connection with the house shows a unique relationship and its completed beautifully with a tree.

What a great view to the new extended living room. This feels just right.

We will call this "The Broad Daylight Night Garden" Wonder why the name? We will leave you to think about it ;)

A SG50 invention for SG50: The Broad Daylight Night Garden

In order to circumvent our tropical environment from the blazing sun and unforgiving heat of the day, this should be well received. Forget the air conditioning. What we need is a new mindset isn't it? ;) 

Balcony in-style 9

Simply gorgeous with a back drop of greens........

Lovely composition of plants don't you think so.

Instagram moments is available anytime on this table...

Simply gorgeous...

Garden dedicated to Mrs Kaneko

A garden dedicated to Mrs Kaneko for her contribution towards peace.
Singapore landscape design
A celebration garden for Mrs Kaneko

Penthouse in-style 8

Living in a penthouse can be a privilege for most. But not many will enjoy fully what this piece of jewel can offer you a lifestyle that you always desire.

Thinking of how a beautiful garden can gives you the sense of relaxation and lifestyle?

What to do with a daunting 1000+square footage of roof top?

We can turn it into a beautiful roof top garden for an extended living space that can be enjoyed by many.

Does this gives you a sense of potential of what could be done to your space?

Instagram moments are just one click away in this effortless setting.

I enjoyed the process from design to building of this garden. And now its time to share and reap the fruits of our labour, seeing the proud house owners enjoying and having family and friends over for a great time.

I thank God for my great clients whom given me a free hand to design and build the most beautiful part of their house. Thanks guys for your support!

Balcony in-style 5

Proximity between neighboring blocks are some problems with development these days. I choose to use more greens to blur out the views yet allow one to still look through with reasonable sunlight porousness.
Let's just call this a plant curtain effect with 50% porosity.
Balcony garden featuring a garden lawn and a garden deck. 2 spaces within a space.
Amazing courtyard to be found in this apartment. It just brings a piece of nature right into the heart your living space
Try planning your house with a garden in mind. I believe something fresh will come out of it. It just feels amazing with a garden.

Penthouse in-style 7

Most homeowners are just facing some serious problem with the laundry yard space. Try flipping it up to the roof

A functional recreational multi purpose garden at your rooftop.

What can you put in here? Have a thought.

After washing, dry it, after drying keep it. Always make the space available for your next activity.

Balcony In-style 4

Extended living room

Organic shape decking in a rectangular balcony

Free form seating. Have fun.

From car park to a novelty garden

How far will one go to sacrifice car parking for a garden?
It is fresh, interesting, bold, audacious to even have that thought. But I love it!

The smell of the car park is gone! Garden smells great!

If this view was to a car park.....what do you think?

Its radical, simply amazing. Giving up a car park for a garden space; Wow! Its an interesting mind set for many. I hope this brings a new way of looking at spaces!

Extended Living room garden

Home owner: "A house is never complete without a garden."
I can connect to this and here we go to create an extended living room garden!

And we decide to create a great garden view from the interior.
An extension to the living room.

Flashback to what we have.....

This is what we had achieved!

Flashback to what we have.....

This is what we created out of this.

Home owner:" Finally our house is completed!"

Take seat, read a book, make yourself a coffee.... Take a break now.
Throwback: This is what we started with.....