From car park to a novelty garden

How far will one go to sacrifice car parking for a garden?
It is fresh, interesting, bold, audacious to even have that thought. But I love it!

The smell of the car park is gone! Garden smells great!

If this view was to a car park.....what do you think?

Its radical, simply amazing. Giving up a car park for a garden space; Wow! Its an interesting mind set for many. I hope this brings a new way of looking at spaces!

Extended Living room garden

Home owner: "A house is never complete without a garden."
I can connect to this and here we go to create an extended living room garden!

And we decide to create a great garden view from the interior.
An extension to the living room.

Flashback to what we have.....

This is what we had achieved!

Flashback to what we have.....

This is what we created out of this.

Home owner:" Finally our house is completed!"

Take seat, read a book, make yourself a coffee.... Take a break now.
Throwback: This is what we started with.....