Penthouse in-style 8

Living in a penthouse can be a privilege for most. But not many will enjoy fully what this piece of jewel can offer you a lifestyle that you always desire.

Thinking of how a beautiful garden can gives you the sense of relaxation and lifestyle?

What to do with a daunting 1000+square footage of roof top?

We can turn it into a beautiful roof top garden for an extended living space that can be enjoyed by many.

Does this gives you a sense of potential of what could be done to your space?

Instagram moments are just one click away in this effortless setting.

I enjoyed the process from design to building of this garden. And now its time to share and reap the fruits of our labour, seeing the proud house owners enjoying and having family and friends over for a great time.

I thank God for my great clients whom given me a free hand to design and build the most beautiful part of their house. Thanks guys for your support!