Penthouse in-style 9

Ingredients of this penthouse roof top garden: 1/5 Skylight pavilion, 2/5 Greening, 2/5 potential for any other things = Awesome garden for all you can think of!

Greens were the essential ingredients to make this space THE SPACE

A roof garden + An alfresco kitchen = Potential for more things to do here!

Nicely frame view to the balcony. Less concrete and More greens
A mural of plants composition @ the balcony

The Broad Daylight Night Garden - A SG50 Invention

There are many ways we can create wonderful spaces in your house. This was a space created not only creatively modernized  the outlook of a decade old 3-Storey house but appreciates the architecture through a garden-jungle concept with an awesome skylight trellis under a tree forming an extended living space.

This is so marvelous and we simply love this.

The split off from the car porch forming an independent trellis yet with a special connection with the house shows a unique relationship and its completed beautifully with a tree.

What a great view to the new extended living room. This feels just right.

We will call this "The Broad Daylight Night Garden" Wonder why the name? We will leave you to think about it ;)

A SG50 invention for SG50: The Broad Daylight Night Garden

In order to circumvent our tropical environment from the blazing sun and unforgiving heat of the day, this should be well received. Forget the air conditioning. What we need is a new mindset isn't it? ;)