Rooftop garden in-style1


It was drizzling...but our spirit wasn't dampen. Awaiting patiently for the night to fall on this gorgeous rooftop garden....

In the garden that's where we dine when the sun is setting.....

 In the garden that's where we cook and harvest the fresh produces...Lemon grass, Basil, Chilli, Lime, Lemon, Pandan, Rosemary, Peppermint....

In the garden this is our kitchen...Isn't this refreshing ;)

We love how the angles create an amazing effect that breaks the regularity of a confined space. Love this timeless appeal!

 This is where the master chef gets serious with her new recipe ,creations and wonderful innovations from the edible garden....

It turned out to be a wonderful wet evening...Raw footage of a wet deck and flower petals...

In the garden this is where we can be whimsically turned into a cosy dining place. This space is alive with flexibility :p

In the garden it is where we find rest, have meaningful conversation, create lifetime memories together. Won't you agree that this space is more than just a garden now? :p

Penthouse in-style 10

Loving nature is not just a thought but a deliberate action to bring it to our homes. We do it in style, in a big way.......

Having a naturalistic style garden with a great variety of plants is our signature. Having a naturalistic garden just has this timeless appeal.

A trickling sound of water echoing through the garden.

A breathtaking poolside garden @ Robin Residences. We are proud of what's being done here. All thanks to our client who believe in us. This is why we will always strive to reach higher because You first believe in us.

Common Areas: Naturalistic Gardens: Shared Social Space

Managing your estate's common area and using it as a shared social space?!

Activating and sharing of common space can be tricky but we had envision it as a beautiful thing when people of like mindedness comes together.

Creating a sense of arrival, entering into a entrance plaza of one of the unit make over.

Won't anyone use such a beautiful garden space at night? ;)

Taking a trip down memory lane...When the world is still in black and white...
Uneven pavement with exposed tree roots
Bareness and compacted surface and algae
Concrete service sumps exposed
Poorly laid pavings to the apartment blocks
Where tripping is a norm to residents....
Where common spaces are ignored and seems useless to many....

Residents can now used the space more than merely walking but using it as their extended entertainment space.
Take a walk in the botanics....

When it comes to proves to be a winner to get people together to use it
A 2m setback common space is now a shared social space with a unique garden when residents begin to take ownership and decide to do more.
We are proud to come this far to see what we envision comes to pass. Enjoy the garden and thankful for all the trust and hospitality during this project. ;)

Balcony in-style 12


What to do with your balcony that is so long? Decking it up?not really....planting? sounds good...having a pond? sounds therapeutic....vertical garden? Oh dramatic!.....Lets have all of this!!! Sounds exciting now!!!

Living room just next to your pond...awesome!

So much for a space! This rocks!

Rock on!!! What a view from the bedroom!

Isn't this gorgeous or what?! Love what you do and you don't have to work a single day...


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