Balcony in-style 14 : Garden En Suite : Cat Jungle

How would you like to term this the attached garden to your living room?
Garden en suite.
Garden en suite is what's apartments are crying out for. Sadly we tend to see more Laundry en suite on balconies than gardens.
Be immerse into the garden right next to you living room.
Can you believe that this garden is build for theses friends! How cool is this! It just took the definition of well being of cats to another level literally.

Lepaking in the jungle
Can you spot another playful mate?
Wonder what's she's been observing? Butterflies found their way to the garden. How amazing and fascinating even to cats.
This Garden en suite is more than a garden to enjoy but be enjoyed by others.
We are thankful for such interesting project and hope this will be an inspiration to people who had a priviledge of having a balcony. You can now turn it into a Garden en suite!