Balcony in-style 19: Lighting up your garden generously

Lighting up your garden brightens your living room
Highlight the trees, shrubs and plants and make sure it stands out
Be generous on the lights in the garden
Set it on timer and turn it on daily and start enjoying

Balcony in-style 18: Where Happiness Is Found

Happiness is found having a meaningful conversation here.
Happiness is found feasting here.
Happiness is in the garden.
 Happiness is looking at your garden.
 Happiness is appreciating your garden.
 This is where Happiness is found.

Balcony in-style 17: Light up your garden = Light up your interiors beautifully

Light up your garden = Light up the bedroom 
 Light up your garden = Light up your hall
  Light up your garden = Light up your Living
 Light up your garden = Light up your dining
 Light up your garden = Light up your life

Rooftop garden in-style 2: Gorgeous : Seductive : Garden ensuite

Garden ensuite. A seductive and gorgeous view from your bedroom.
Surrounded by this mystical garden.
A blur out view that creates privacy while maintaining porosity.
As naturalistic as it should be. Naturalistic garden :)
A rooftop garden for party filled with romanticism.

Penthose in-style 12 : Start Them Young

When kids starts young, they will just get garden into them.
In the garden is where they are in a great environment for new imaginations for their future.
Its inevitable that your sub-conscious mind tells you to seat out here in your rooftop garden.
Your paradise at home just beside your bedroom. Why not?
Why not have your own edible farm on your rooftop garden?
Why not?

Balcony in-style 16 : Boldly Natural : Naturally Bold

Bringing in nature inside is epitomizes your home styling isn't it?
Having privacy with neighbors? Drawing curtains? we have a better way; a naturalistic garden
Typical apartment layout with not so typical look from your living and dining space
Typical urbanized view but not now when you responded with a garden
Make way for the new garden that promises to be boldly natural and naturally bold

Balcony in-style 15 : Urban Naturalist

  Having a naturalistic garden just took modern urban home into another realm.
Assimilating nature into the patio; blurs the line of outside and inside.
Holding huge parties, chilling out in the garden is just part of the lifestyle.
Integrated planter bench build around this patio to spoil you with much choices.
Eco composite wood planks in a modern charcoal colour.
 This garden is admired from inside outside and outside inside
You will enjoy the juxtaposition of different plants varieties, rich in texture in this modern naturalistic garden.