Rooftop garden in-style 3: Paradise in the sky

A stunting 1500sqf of rooftop garden that will put anyone to a state of ecstasy.
A central lawn garden with built-up planters for greenery to wrap around this paradise in the sky.
Outdoor rooms are created meaningful to bring the indoors outdoor.
 We have dining room next to the garden and a private viewing gallery lounge overlooking beautiful Keppel bridge.
You can start to lining up parties up here daily.
Our specialty outdoor carpentry that make outdoor living practically out.
A chef's garden for your inspiration when comes to rooftop cooking!
Can you imagine we even build a toilet up here!
A laundry yard all nicely hidden. Practical!
Rooftop bar and sun lounger
 Welcome to the bar.
 Pantry and storage.
 Bar fridge
 All weatherproof interior
 Bar counter over looking Keppel yacht club
6 months after implementation....
 Lushes green paradise just to our liking....
 Isn't this beautiful....We are so proud of our works here. Sorry to brag a bit... ;) 
 You would have thought this is cannot be a rooftop.
Truly a Paradise in the sky;) Well done team Singapore Landscape Design! **Pat at the back ;)