Balcony in-style 21: When nature calls

Situation was the view of the apartment overlooks another building. A very familiar sight for a densely populated urban environment.

From no view to a garden view. Seems like a massive upgrade :)
Breakfast garden.....:)
A garden lounge..... :)
A view that is gorgeous..... :)
A place that you can be proud of.... :)
We cannot remove the building but we can make sure it "doesn't exist" :)
It comes with a mindset of having a garden.
Having a well curated garden not just make your view. It makes your home.
You will come home victorious and anticipation because of this. 
 You will start imagining how your family and friends can have an incredible space to chill.
The focus is now a beautiful garden then a depressing view.
 Your garden is rich in diversity of plants, colours and texture.
 Meaningful paving to look down for a shout to the pool when your kids needed an alarm clock. ;)
 Take heed when nature calls. It provides you with a solution.
Love the vibes that this garden is giving. When nature calls, the owner responded.
Call us now. We are looking for serious owners heeding the call of nature.