The Magic @ Belgravia Villas : Groundfloor Patio Garden

We had an idea to create a versatile extended living room to have the living room enlarged literally with a garden right next to it :)
 How would you like an attached garden right next to the living room? :)
 It will not just be a pretty garden but a beautiful home on a whole.
 This design evolves around a problem of context box-up air vent which we decided to turn this problem into a feature instead that adds to the space. This planter bench was design to create new imagination for this patio.
We want this space to be used for occasions either seasonal or daily; essentially it was made to be enjoyed :)
A ceiling fan is just great for comfort below the bench with a vision for a mega party of a 20-seater dining table.
Meanwhile happy to leave it empty for the kids.
Scented edible plants was planted just outside the premise ready for harvest.
 Privacy was well taken care of with a beautifully curated garden that was presented naturally.
Welcome to the urban jungle here in Belgravia Villas.
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