Re-purpose : Up-cycling : Sustainable garden design

As said this rooftop have got tons of timber for us to re-purpose and up-cycled. Its always been our belief to give a new purpose and up-cycle materials into useful and meaningful pieces.
 A near 3.0m long dining table made out of salvaged timber rafters from a trellis. You can't bring this up the lift trust me ;) neither can you bring it down.
 We are in for a serious cookout up on the rooftop garden with edible garden just behind and oh my gosh! A serious fridge right up here!
 This would give anyone a motivation to be a master chef isn't it :)
 Looking really handsome after re-purposing and up-cycling!
 A secret chest for from salvage timber of a timber fence. Its a lot work but we did it anyway.
A purposeful side table cum bench from the columns of a timber trellis.
A water feature made from the columns of the trellis :) Pretty cool right! of course with a rustic copper pipe to fit the occasion.
 An amazing space for family and friends! Cozyssss.......
 You can just imagine what the owners will be doing daily.....:) What a space!
Be inspired and if you have materials to re-purpose and up-cycle, quickly give us a call to book an appointment! We are hunting for owners that are like-minded like us! :)