josh theoh 3.0

A born and bred Singaporean designer who grew up in the garden city

Hi! I'm Josh, I'm glad to share with you my passion and vision for garden landscaping.

We realize the change in notion from a Garden City to a City in a Garden. I often ask myself what do I need to change in my mindset and do things differently as I continually progress as a professional in the industry? I would love to continue to do what I love; to design and build gardens with my new renewed mindset to champion and develop the concept of experiencing a "House in a Garden"; a zoom down picture of a City in a Garden.

It all started with an interest in nature and design; combine the two and you get landscape design. I have been designing and building gardens since 2006 and am still; if not more passionate about it today.

I always believe that nature had this very appealing and calming effect that is therapeutic to us. Gardens just adds a soul to our spaces. Its magical and one need to have it to experience it.

A Garden an asset or A liability?

I have many clients that comes back to me sharing with their excitement and joy after made a decision to invest in one. They shared not only they get to use it, when they decided to sell or rent their house, it can be a real asset. Let me illustrate this:

Before: This is an open roof top terrace.

After: This is the same roof terrace.

When you decide to sell it or rent it out which one would you think it will help you rent out faster or sell at a higher valuation? I believe its clear. Its an investment and truly an asset than a liability. I hope this is helpful from an investment point of view from a savvy client; knowing many had bought in hope of a better return in future.

Stay tune for more.. :)

Here's my name card. "Hi-Five!"