At Singapore Landscape Design, we design and build bespoke gardens. 
We serve with passion and deliver happiness.

Who we are

Led by founder; Josh Theoh,
 the team is made up of diverse individuals who are craftsmen in their own fields.

What we do

Beyond sharing knowledge and providing landscape consultancy services, 
we want to partner you in building your dream garden. 
As a new generation of landscape professionals, 
we are not afraid to experiment. 
We inject freshness to the landscape industry with our bold concepts
 while keeping in mind the intent of your garden.

Why we do it

It is a privilege to be able to get our hands dirty and 
at the end of the day see the smiles on our clients’ faces. 
Your happiness fuels our passion!

About Josh Theoh, Lead Landscape Artist

A born and bred Singaporean designer who is doing his part in building ‘A City in The Garden’.
A quick introduction about myself; I love the outdoors since young and I experienced working in a hydro-culture landscape company during school vacation. Somehow, I was captivated by the greens and was drawn into the landscape industry.

I look forward to serve you with my passion and bring your vision to reality. What I love most is not the end product but the process of meeting new people and understanding their needs. Building great gardens is not the end; I appreciate the trust that my clients have in me and thankful for the great relationships which makes my work even more meaningful