Rooftop renovation : Garden construction

Huge rooftop terraces can be a daunting task to work with. Often we love to create meaningful intimate space that is yet open that blurs the adjoining spaces. Tada! looks like this does the job for what we envisage that separates spaces subtly.
We need a sense of suspense that lead to an amazing space like this.
 Seen and not seen = A blurry glimpse with anticipation when the garden slowly opens up.
So please with this plant divider that works brilliantly :)
 How many of you would be inspired to have dinner here? :) We would.
 Island dining bar table and of course more storage...
A well balanced sight of substantial greenery surrounding this amazing dining bar.
 Built to last beautiful granite top that is rugged and stunning. Don't worry about abusing it during day to day and parties!
 A cutting edge outdoor pantry at your service. A fridge and a dish washer. Wow!
 A edible garden for the kids and consumption. How thoughtful :)
A jacuzzi, an outdoor shower and a hidden laundry storage barn :)
How cool is this roof terrace?! Its still evolving. Excited to see this rooftop garden matures.

Balcony in-style 24 : Balcony renovation

Unique open terrace connecting spaces within this apartment calls for a central garden that gives a stunning look all round.
 A feng-shui element of water flowing inwards softly adds melody to the garden.
 Lush layering of vegetation creates a gorgeous sight filled with multiple layers of textures and hues of greens to break this hash sunlight as well as blurring the views for both privacy and a stunning backdrop.
 Climbers and creepers starting to take steps up the stairs softening the architecture of the open terrace.

Roof Terrace Renovation : Rooftop Night Garden

 When you have huge enough roof terrace that can bring excitement. We can do that :)
A custom made dining bar storage table that seats 10. :)
Stunning isn't it :) Majestic looking with a beautifully curated backdrop of greens.
 The stunning link way to another space of imagination. :)
 The central planter that serves to divide the space softly.......:)
Storage and laundry shifted up to the roof top? why not? :)
A barn door that opens into your laundry room.
A Jacuzzi on the rooftop surrounds by a garden :)
 An open garden shower area right next to the jacuzzi :)
 Roof terrace is very much utilized efficiently now.
We love this roof terrace that had the ability to draw people to explore different spaces :)
Not the final look awaiting the furniture :) Excited about it.
Meanwhile soak yourselves into the mood and start thinking of what can be done to your roof terrace. 

Balcony Renovation : Balcony in-style 23

When you have a lift lobby with a garden view it takes the feeling to another level :)
 When you renovate you apartment especially with given planters, always think green and not brown.
 Whether you have a good view or without, always make room for a garden.
 Does this connects beautifully with your interior? :)
 Set a side a good budget to renovate your balcony, it has the potential to be the best part of your place when this happens.
We look forward to makeover your balconies and terraces. This is what we do best. ;)

Landed house garden : A typical day of excellence

Giving a lifted to this typical layout of a landed house garden with a very modern "European" style look.
How would you like overlooking a gorgeous garden in your garden lounge ;)
 Beautifully curated side alley garden of the house that connects.
 We need an awesome view of the garden that directly connects to the views of the openings of interiors of the house :)
Its our typical day to build gorgeous garden. We love to be in the realm of excellence :)

The Magic @ Belgravia Villas : Groundfloor Patio Garden

We had an idea to create a versatile extended living room to have the living room enlarged literally with a garden right next to it :)
 How would you like an attached garden right next to the living room? :)
 It will not just be a pretty garden but a beautiful home on a whole.
 This design evolves around a problem of context box-up air vent which we decided to turn this problem into a feature instead that adds to the space. This planter bench was design to create new imagination for this patio.
We want this space to be used for occasions either seasonal or daily; essentially it was made to be enjoyed :)
A ceiling fan is just great for comfort below the bench with a vision for a mega party of a 20-seater dining table.
Meanwhile happy to leave it empty for the kids.
Scented edible plants was planted just outside the premise ready for harvest.
 Privacy was well taken care of with a beautifully curated garden that was presented naturally.
Welcome to the urban jungle here in Belgravia Villas.
Enjoy the before and after video and don't forget to follow us on  FB/ IG : singaporelandscapedesign