Landed house garden : A typical day of excellence

Giving a lifted to this typical layout of a landed house garden with a very modern "European" style look.
How would you like overlooking a gorgeous garden in your garden lounge ;)
 Beautifully curated side alley garden of the house that connects.
 We need an awesome view of the garden that directly connects to the views of the openings of interiors of the house :)
Its our typical day to build gorgeous garden. We love to be in the realm of excellence :)

The Magic @ Belgravia Villas : Groundfloor Patio Garden

We had an idea to create a versatile extended living room to have the living room enlarged literally with a garden right next to it :)
 How would you like an attached garden right next to the living room? :)
 It will not just be a pretty garden but a beautiful home on a whole.
 This design evolves around a problem of context box-up air vent which we decided to turn this problem into a feature instead that adds to the space. This planter bench was design to create new imagination for this patio.
We want this space to be used for occasions either seasonal or daily; essentially it was made to be enjoyed :)
A ceiling fan is just great for comfort below the bench with a vision for a mega party of a 20-seater dining table.
Meanwhile happy to leave it empty for the kids.
Scented edible plants was planted just outside the premise ready for harvest.
 Privacy was well taken care of with a beautifully curated garden that was presented naturally.
Welcome to the urban jungle here in Belgravia Villas.
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Balcony in-style 22 : The Balcony Garden Bar featuring "The Branch"

Interestingly this wasn't a big balcony but it just "Got Huge"
 Be refresh with "The Branch" that hangs over the bar and you can imagine preparing a wholesome drink over a rainforest 
 The size of your balcony is determine by how big you see it to be. :)
 Had such great conversation and nice coffee with the owner here. Simply amazing to work with owners who loves crazy ideas. The crazier the merrier ;)
Any more crazy owners around? Please give us a call. We want you badly :)
It is indeed a huge balcony! A meaningful extension to the living room. Remember the size of the balcony is determine by the size of what we do with it. ahha

Modern Chinese- Japanese Style Garden Inspired

 "Less is more" another discipline in managing the outcome of this garden.
 Entrance featuring a Ficus microcarpa Bonsai rock garden
  Along side the pool transits into a rocky garden landscape with accents of Pencil Pine and Sleeping Pine
Accents of rock boulders and stone lanterns with crushed black granite chips
 Transitional garden style 2
Intention injects of colours to lit up the garden
 Activity lawn
 Focus of garden changes and features a curve stone lantern
 3rd garden style that ties in nicely into the garden
Pool view of the island
Another garden genre that may appeal to some :)

Balcony in-style 21: When nature calls

Situation was the view of the apartment overlooks another building. A very familiar sight for a densely populated urban environment.

From no view to a garden view. Seems like a massive upgrade :)
Breakfast garden.....:)
A garden lounge..... :)
A view that is gorgeous..... :)
A place that you can be proud of.... :)
We cannot remove the building but we can make sure it "doesn't exist" :)
It comes with a mindset of having a garden.
Having a well curated garden not just make your view. It makes your home.
You will come home victorious and anticipation because of this. 
 You will start imagining how your family and friends can have an incredible space to chill.
The focus is now a beautiful garden then a depressing view.
 Your garden is rich in diversity of plants, colours and texture.
 Meaningful paving to look down for a shout to the pool when your kids needed an alarm clock. ;)
 Take heed when nature calls. It provides you with a solution.
Love the vibes that this garden is giving. When nature calls, the owner responded.
Call us now. We are looking for serious owners heeding the call of nature.

Rooftop garden in-style 3: Paradise in the sky

A stunting 1500sqf of rooftop garden that will put anyone to a state of ecstasy.
A central lawn garden with built-up planters for greenery to wrap around this paradise in the sky.
Outdoor rooms are created meaningful to bring the indoors outdoor.
 We have dining room next to the garden and a private viewing gallery lounge overlooking beautiful Keppel bridge.
You can start to lining up parties up here daily.
Our specialty outdoor carpentry that make outdoor living practically out.
A chef's garden for your inspiration when comes to rooftop cooking!
Can you imagine we even build a toilet up here!
A laundry yard all nicely hidden. Practical!
Rooftop bar and sun lounger
 Welcome to the bar.
 Pantry and storage.
 Bar fridge
 All weatherproof interior
 Bar counter over looking Keppel yacht club
6 months after implementation....
 Lushes green paradise just to our liking....
 Isn't this beautiful....We are so proud of our works here. Sorry to brag a bit... ;) 
 You would have thought this is cannot be a rooftop.
Truly a Paradise in the sky;) Well done team Singapore Landscape Design! **Pat at the back ;)