Rooftop renovation : Garden construction

Huge rooftop terraces can be a daunting task to work with. Often we love to create meaningful intimate space that is yet open that blurs the adjoining spaces. Tada! looks like this does the job for what we envisage that separates spaces subtly.
We need a sense of suspense that lead to an amazing space like this.
 Seen and not seen = A blurry glimpse with anticipation when the garden slowly opens up.
So please with this plant divider that works brilliantly :)
 How many of you would be inspired to have dinner here? :) We would.
 Island dining bar table and of course more storage...
A well balanced sight of substantial greenery surrounding this amazing dining bar.
 Built to last beautiful granite top that is rugged and stunning. Don't worry about abusing it during day to day and parties!
 A cutting edge outdoor pantry at your service. A fridge and a dish washer. Wow!
 A edible garden for the kids and consumption. How thoughtful :)
A jacuzzi, an outdoor shower and a hidden laundry storage barn :)
How cool is this roof terrace?! Its still evolving. Excited to see this rooftop garden matures.